We offer an exclusive selection of unique wall decor. Here are some key features that set our products apart from the rest:


  • Unique composition. The design of the printed picture continues on the hand-painted frame

  • High quality materials. Natural wood used for the production of frames and key boxes. Pictures are printed on premium fine art paper.
  • Absolutely new concept. No similar product on the US market.

  • Hand-assembled. Each and every item is assembled by skilled craftsmen to deliver the highest quality.

  • Competitive prices.



Our range includes:

Prints with Hand-Painted Frames

High-quality art print is finished with handcrafted frame made from natural alder wood. The unique aspect of this product is that the hand-painting on the frame continues the image of the central graphic print. Each frame is decorated by a professional artist.


Hand-Embellished Unframed Mounted Prints

High-quality art print is carefully mounted on a stretcher. No external frame is used. Professional artists embellish every print with decorative elements  and hand-painting, which adds uniqueness and beauty to each item.

Unframed Mounted Print is a perfect alternative to framed wall art.


Framed Prints With Decorative Elements

High-quality fine art print is finished with a stylish frame. Each print is hand-embellished with decorative elements to emphasize the unique details of each artwork and make it look even more elegant and sophisticated.


Key Boxes

Each key box has a frame-painted print as a lid, which makes it not only a functional key storage but also a beautiful piece of art. The box is made from natural alder wood and hand-painted by an artist.  


All the decorations are made with the use of high-quality eco-friendly paints and materials.

Our products are securely packed and come ready to hang.